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What Do New Mexico’s Libraries Need?

NThis year, the library community of New Mexico is coming together to assess the needs of libraries in the state. With this information, the goal is to conduct a statewide library conference that will actively involve leaders, stakeholders, and community members — communicating all that libraries currently do, and all they could be doing with improved support.


  • Identify trends and changes in library service
  • Identify current funding sources and gaps in funding
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in library service
  • Collect, compile and report this information to leaders and policy makers
  • Communicate to community members all that libraries do and do well
  • Hold a statewide library conference in Fall 2016

The First Steps:

  • Form a Task Force
    A task force has been formed, consisting of 14 members from public, tribal, academic, school, special collections libraries, library special interest groups, the New Mexico Library Foundation and the NM State Library.NMLF-Logo
  • Funding
    New Mexico Library Foundation will fund the project.
  • Gather Support from Policymakers
    House Memorial 18 and Senate Memorial 61 were passed in the 2015 Legislative Session to support an assessment of libraries, that will lead to a statewide conference to identify policies and goals for improving library services.

Next Steps

  • Identify Instruments for Assessments
    Currently, the task force is identifying tools and methods for conducting this large-scale assessment, involving as many libraries as possible by Fall 2015.
  • Create a Community to Spread News and Updates Far & Wide
    Right now, the State Library is creating an electronic mailing list to reach as many library staff and professionals as possible. If you are currently on a State Library listserv, you will automatically be subscribed. If you are not on a listserv, you can sign up for the Needs Assessment listserv here.

Are You a Library Professional or Staff? What You Can Do to Become Involved:

  • Join in the Community
    Be a voice on the electronic mailing list.
  • Spread the Word
    We encourage everyone to look around in their community at all the libraries — particularly school and special collections — and invite them to become a part of this effort. Download a flyer to share here >>
  • Assess Your Own Library Services
    In order to be best prepared to participate in the Statewide Assessment, please start by conducting your own local community needs assessment (template here). Not only will this inform you on the direction of your library, but it will also help paint the picture of the areas in which libraries can grow to improve services. Complete your own local assessment in preparation for statewide survey by November 2015.
  • Participate in the Statewide Assessment
    The Task Force will be contacting libraries in Jan/Feb of 2016 with a survey.


Questions? Contact Ryanne Cooper at the Development Bureau.

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