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Promote Brainfuse in Your Library

Now that our library patrons have access to Brainfuse HelpNow and JobNow, it’s important that we get the word out! We want everyone in New Mexico to know that they have homework help, test prep, and career assistance at their fingertips through your library’s website.

Currently, the State Library has marketing collateral from Brainfuse that publicizes the program’s placement on our El Portal website. Below are links to these flyers, bookmarks, and brochures that you can download and print out for use at your own library.

However, if you would like these types of materials customized with your library’s name and website, please contact Elize Aunahn at Brainfuse, and she can set you up with custom materials.

[Note: I also have the editable Photoshop files for these materials. If you have access to Photoshop and would like to customize the files on your own (this might be quicker than going through Brainfuse), let me know and I will send them your way!]

Poster Snip
HelpNow Poster

Brainfuse on El Portal Marketing Materials

General Brainfuse Flyer

General Brainfuse Flyer (Spanish)

HelpNow Resources

HelpNow Brochure

HelpNow Poster

HelpNow Poster (Spanish)

HelpNow Bookmark: Front | Back

HelpNow Half Sheet

Adult Learning Center Flyer

Adult Learning Center Bookmark: Front | Back

JobNow Resources

JobNow Brochure

JobNow Poster

JobNow Bookmark: Front | Back



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