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So it was brought to my attention the other day that an article about the very amusing (?) results of a survey had been published on the web — at Geekosystem.  All of us here in the Development Bureau joined in on a conversation about how hard it was, in fact, to keep up with technology and its vocabulary and what it means and how it might affect us today and in the future.

Reading the article, I noticed that it had originally been published in the LA Times so I clicked on that link to see if there was more… and, yes, there was more.  As it turned out, the origin and veracity of the survey had come under question by a journalism ethics website, iMediaEthics

I clicked my way over there to read their article, and found a site that has a whole lot more to offer.  For example, check out their Resources for Educators.  There’s a whole lot to see.  Take your time.

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