Hot Reads for Cold Nights at the Rio Rancho Public Library

From the staff at Rio Rancho Library:

Librarians in Rio Rancho are inviting aRio Rancho Winter Readingdult patrons to cozy up with a good book on the cold wintry days and nights of January and February.  For each book the patron reads, he or she fills out a log in the shape of a cup, giving the book a rating and a mini review.  For each log turned in, the patron receives a wintry treat to eat or drink.  The passive program will culminate at the end of February with all logs being placed in a drawing for a gift basket containing some really hot prizes, compliments of the Friends and some local merchants.

Sounds like a great program!

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Ryanne Cooper, Assistant State Librarian, Bureau Chief of Library Development Services New Mexico State Library, is highly interested in what you are doing at your library! Contact her to share your story.

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